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My thoughts/comments/review of Gold Fields at the Logitech UE concert (Walk the Moon review here) -

I had never heard of Gold Fields in my life. When I signed up for tickets to the Logitech concert I was simply excited to watch Walk the Moon and knew absolutely nothing about the other band that was also playing at the show. However, I find it to be rather rude to go to a concert without knowing at least each bands latest single. I already knew Walk the Moon well so I only needed to research Gold Fields. I open Google, entered “Gold Fields”, hit enter. WHOA. 

I was rather busy the days before the concert so I only managed to truly listen to two of their songs (Treehouse and Dark Again) but just with those two I knew that their part of the show would be fun. I was wrong, it wasn’t simply fun, it was AMAZING.

Doors opened at 7 PM (aka 7:30) and the Gold Fields set didn’t start until 9 PM. Me and my sister were standing in the first row and were watching as they set up the stage, wondering if each person that went on was a member of the band. Eventually the drummers (yes, drummerS, there were two, and believe me less is NOT more) go on followed by the guitarist. The music starts and on runs the singer, crooning into the mic, the song filling the air as the lights thrummed and the audience swayed. Most people in the audience didn’t know the band but as the music played you could see everyone slowly start being entranced by them.The beats filled the place and made the air hum. I recognized most of their songs even though I hadn’t listened to them as much as the other two. One of the songs caught my attention, you know that one song you hear and as soon as it starts you just feel complete? You know that you will love that song for as long as you live and and all you can do is close your eyes and take it in? I found that song during their set (sadly it’s not been released yet but I am eagerly awaiting to hear it once again). 

As the band played you could just see how into the music they were. You could see how much they loved what they were doing and that they belong onstage sharing their music with everyone.  They rocked through their set, playing not only off of each others energy but the audiences as well. At one point Vin (the guitarist)  took his water bottle and wet the audience with it (rude… not really… but still).Have I mentioned that they’re Australian? Yeah, just saying, their accents are almost as awesome as their music.

After their set the band went to greet fans in Studio A. My friends and I met up and went over. Sadly the lead singer (Mark) disappeared and the rest of the band was talking to other people and we didn’t want to bother them. We got a bit distracted but when we finally managed to catch up with the band they were in the middle of a photo session in front of the Logitech banner. After they finished we got a group picture with them (queue awkward moving around as we try to find a way to stand) (also, Mark was still missing but OHWELL). In the short time we got to talk with the band they were absolutely nice and fun and just utterly perfect.

So that should be the end of my Gold Fields story, right? NOPE.

After the Walk the Moon set as we waited to talk with their band members we decided to leave Studio A and walk around a bit since each member had about a dozen people around them and we knew we wouldn’t get near them anytime soon. So we go back to the stage, walk around, and guess who appears out of nowhere? THE ELUSIVE LEAD SINGER!!!

Keira and I talk to him a bit, get pictures, I make a total and utter fool of myself and walk away awkwardly. So yeah, that was fun. He alone was nice (and very tired so we decided not to bug him too much). Funny how we accidentally managed to snag a picture with the one person who was missing from the group picture….

So, Gold Fields. 

Go watch them, they are AMAZING.

Keep an eye on them, because trust me, they will be BIG and I will be there supporting them through the whole thing.

P.S. the day after the show first thing in the morning I bought their EP and it’s been on repeat since then. Get it.