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My review/ thoughts/ comments on Walk the Moon at the Logitech UE concert-

Let me just start by saying that I’m a relatively new fan of this band, I’ve only known about them for a few months but in those few months I’ve come to LOVE them.

Anyways I won tickets to their concert (with Gold Fields- review for their set here) and took my sister with me. Doors opened at 7 and WTM had the second set which started at around 9:30/ 10 PM. We were some of the first to get there so we were right in front of the stage. I had met up with my friends who also won tickets right after the Gold Fields set so they came to stand with us.

Let me just say, standing next to the stage is rather…. risky. The pay off is *great* and you stand just a few feet away from he band but you won’t be able to hear much for at least the next few hours. 

If you’ve ever heard any Walk the Moon songs you must know how upbeat and fun their songs are, multiply that by a thousand and that’s how great they are live. The music shakes the whole place and the aura from the crowd makes it all the more better. The whole band plays so well off the energy from the crowd and interacts so well with each other and the audience that it’s not just a show that you’re at, but an experience that you will not soon forget. Instead of acting like any other band the members act like people who are doing what they love and having FUN with it. From jumping around the stage during their songs to doing an impromptu rendition of the Mario Bros. theme song in the middle of the set. 

I guess I can’t really explain how amazing their concerts are since it’s not so much a thing as a feeling. The feeling of being one with the music and every other person in the audience. The feeling of utter and perfect completenessof sharing something that so many people love. The feeling of belonging and just being right.

After the concert the band members went over to Studio A to do a Meet and Greet. Me and Keira managed to take a picture with all of them and they signed my drawing (Nick’s happy dance/jump/turn is actually the cutest thing in the world and  Kevin goes temporarily blind if put in a dark room and having camera lights flashed at him every two minutes). They were all so nice, genuine, and down to earth, taking the time to talk to each and every person that went up to them and smiling for the dozens of pictures that were being taken of and with them.

All in all the show was perfect and the band was too. My one piece of advice is that no matter who you are you should go to a Walk the Moon concert at least once in your life because it is an experience that you will never regret. 

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